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Maxillofacial Surgery

This 50 years old male patient recieved from india with a huge tumor involving lower jaw with severe difficulty in eating and speaking. He went to all hospitals in india and finally landed up in MAYO Hospital Lahore. Professor Riaz Ahmed Warraich, a highly experianced and world renowned Surgeon took this challenge and operated this case.Most of the lower jaw (Mandible) remove surgically and the next and most difficult challenge was to reconstruct the lower jaw and to restore function(speach and swallowing) and facial aesthetics. It was extremely difficult to take a graft from upper and lower limbs due to multiple bullet injuries in upper and lower limbs and back of the patient. Operating Surgeon and his team decided to take an outer table of sternum along with pectoralis major muscle(chest bone + muscle) for reconstruction of lower jaw. Although the case was challenging but the post operative outcome in the form of aesthetics and function was highly acceptable. Patient improved and enjoying his routine life and now a days involved in teaching to post graduate classes.